Work + Projects.

Current side-projects

Tueday- take notes at the speed of thought


Tueday (2020-now) is a Daily Journal and personal task tracker in one. Every day you start with a blank slate and get to add notes and tasks as they happen. Tasks you add in your notes automatically appear in a task board so you can find and track their progress later.

  • Built in Vue.js (Typescript), IndexDB + Firebase

Retros for Teams - Retrospectives for teams

Retros for Teams

Retros (2020-now) is a real time collaboration tool for remote (or working from home teams) to get together online and run quick retrospectives on projects, sprints and pretty much anything else really. I built this as a response to the sudden shift to remote work during the Covid Pandemic to help teams continue to work well together and improve no matter where they are.

  • Built in Vue.js + Firebase

Rarestays - Find unique places to stay in around the world


Rarestays (2019-now) is a hotel and unique accomodation blog and inspiration site. I source interesting places to stay in around the world and write about them in the hope that others will find it useful when trying to plan their own holiday. (I personally get so overwhelmed on and Airbnb when trying sift through all the junk... and find that the internet needs more/better curation).

  • PHP, MySQL, Redis + Javascript

Old / Retired projects

iwantdis - Cool stuff to buy online


iwantdis (2013-2017) was a curated online shopping portal for all things interesting, whacky and wonderful. This was built on a LAMP stack and was the first time I implemented Redis caching system to handle the complex data requirements and still remain lightening fast and responsive to the end user.

  • PHP, MySQL, Redis, Algolia + Javascript

Designflavr - daily design and visual art inspiration


Designflavr (2006-2012) was a design, UX and art inspiration site that I built and managed many years ago. It was built on the LAMP stack with custom user auth and admin area to submit and manage their content. At its peak it was serving just under a million visitors a month.

  • PHP, MySQL + Javascript